The Physician’s Obligations under Certain Laws

An Act respecting the determination of the causes and circumstances of death

Under review

This Act stipulates that a physician, who certifies a death for which he or she is unable to establish the probable causes or which appears to have occurred in obscure or violent circumstances, must immediately notify a coroner or peace officer. It also establishes that the coroner must be notified of deaths that occurred in a nursing home, rehabilitation centre, sheltered workshop, detention centre, penitentiary, security unit within the meaning of the Youth Protection Act, or police station.

The same applies to the death of a person placed in confinement in a health institution, a child in the custody of the  holder of a permit from the ministère de la Famille et de l’Enfance, and a person in a foster home or taken in charge by a familytype resource. In all cases, the Act stipulates that the director of the place contemplated or the person in authority there must notify the coroner. The physician should nonetheless remain vigilant and make certain that these cases of death are reported to the coroner.