The Physician’s Obligations under Certain Laws

Automobile Insurance Act, An Act respecting occupational health and safety, An Act respecting industrial accidents and occupational diseases

Under review

The purpose of these laws is, notably, to give rights and recourse to persons who are victims of injuries of a physical or psychological nature caused by an automobile accident or injuries “arising out of or in the course” of their work.

A physician who takes charge of a worker who has suffered an employment injury, work accident or automobile accident must, within the prescribed time period and in keeping with the patient’s condition, produce the required reports and certificates. These reports from the attending physician are necessary, for they enable patients to assert their rights and to obtain compensation as a result.

Diligence is called for when assessing this particular kind of patient. The physician must first determine whether the patient’s condition is due to an employment disease or injury, work accident or automobile accident and then collect all the information necessary to complete the forms to be sent to administrative agencies responsible for the application of these laws.